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Enjoy a delicious Italian meal in the comfort and convenience of your holiday home in Italy!

Pick one menu from my menu's listing or feel free to mix and match the dishes to make your own menu. But if you don't find what you are looking for, I will be glad to customize a meal on your needs!

Private chef

Meet Chef Luciana

My job is the expression of one of my greatest passion: Food!

My cuisine comes from my Italian heritage, from my family, from my territory and from my heart.


For me the secret of Italian cuisine is simplicity and the use of fresh and genuine ingredients. My dishes are prepared accordingly to the Italian and Umbrian classic and traditional  recipes using seasonal ingredients mostly sourced from local suppliers and presented with a contemporary look. Tradition and innovation is my motto. 

Luciana Olimpieri

Tel/WhatsApp: +39-344-1312029 



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Tel/WhatsApp: +39-344-1312029



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