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Homemade Pasta Cooking Class

Pasta is part and parcel of Italian culture as well as being one of the most popular foods worldwide. For any Italian, one of the greatest satisfactions in life is to make fresh pasta at home and, of course, to enjoy a homemade pasta meal. 

This course is a hands-on cooking experience to learn how to make one kind of pasta, the Italian focaccia served with cold cuts and cheese. Class starts from the choice of flour and moves on to preparing the dough, followed by the implementing and shaping of two types of dough and then the cooking. Next the sauce appropriate for the pasta will be prepared. The lesson will finish with eating the dishes prepared.

 Morning and afternoon classes are available, are held in English or Italian  and last up to about 3 hours.


4 guests             Euro 100.00 per person

from 5 guests    Euro   90.00 per person

Please note that we charge € 35,- for any additional person who joins the meal. 


Full Course Italian Meal 

Traditional Italian cooking consists of several courses including the antipasti, the first course, the second course and you can add dessert to finish off your meal. Attending this class you will be taught to cook a full course Italian meal featuring the preparation of a four courses menu. 

At the end of class participants will sit to a meal based on the dishes prepared.  


2 guests          Euro 150.00 per person

3 - 6 guests    Euro 140.00 per person

7 - 10 guests  Euro 130.00 per person

Please note that we charge € 50,- for any additional person who joins the meal. 



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