Select from our variety of typical Italian recipes prepared with the best and freshest ingredients from local sources. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the evening before it’s even started. We will cook the dinner of your choice, prepare the table, set the mood ready for you and your guests. Shopping time, cooking, serving and cleaning up are included in the service .  Beverage are not included.

*Possibility to mix & match the dishes to make your own menu.


- The menus are 4 courses for minimum 4 people (including the vegetarian menus), starting from Eur 55,- per person.

- Guests are required to select the same menu for all the party; 

- For special dietary requirements or allergies , we offer variations in the menu selected by the party;

- Children menu Eur 25,- featuring a 2 courses meal: Pasta + dessert / Main + dessert /  Pizza + dessert.


- Multiple meals discount is offered on demand;

- Supplement for fresh truffle Eur 10,- per person.



Welcome to the land of wine! Wine making here is an old art  known since the Etruscan times, 4th century B.C. To match the below menus,  the best labels and cellars this territory has to offer have been selected for you to taste  and have the best experience.

Download my Wine  List here

Menù #1 Meat Eur 55-

"Baffo all'Orvietana" with "guanciale" bacon, sage and vinegar
Cheese & Pepper Pasta.jpg
"Cacio & Pepe"
Cheese  & Pepper pasta
Slow cooked  lemon & ginger chicken
Strudel apple pie


Menù #2 Meat Eur 55-

Umbrian "panzanella" bread salad with fresh vegetables
Fusilli Fiori di zucca.jpg
Fusilli pasta with  zucchini flowers and saffron
Saltimbocca alla romana veal with ham and sage
Panna cotta with seasonal berries coulisse


Menù #3 Traditional Eur 55,-

Grilled Tomino cheese with speck smocked ham
Tagliatelle with grandmother beef ragu
Porchetta pork stuffed with wild fennel


Menù #5 Meat Eur 60,-

Aubergine, tomato and mozzarella salad
Cream cheese stuffed Conchiglioni pasta with  mushrooms cream
Pork Tenderloin wrapped with Bacon with rose pepper
Coffee pie.jpg
Coffee pie


Menù #4 Meat Eur 55,-

asparagi alla milanese.jpg
Asparagus Milanese style, with eggs and Parmesan
Homemade ravioli with butter and
Spinach & ricotta ravioli with sage and butter sauce
Grilled meat skewers
with pork, sausage,  and vegetables
Creme brulee


Menù #6 Meat Eur 60,-

crostini e bruschette.jpg
Crostini tris
Pici pasta with black truffle sauce
slow cooked beef with mushrooms.jpg
Slow cooked beef, with wild mushrooms 
Creme caramel


Saltimbocca alla Romana
Prowns with Orange and Venus Rice
Tagliata with balsamic vinegard
Vegetable Quiche
Seafood tempura
Pappardelle with wild boar
Roast pork tenderloin with orange sauce
Venus rice with prowns
Sicilian style sworfish
Homemade ravioli with butter and sage
Porchetta with roasted potatoes Umbrian style
Tagliatelle Bolognese
Tortelloni with Porcini mushrooms
Chocolate rasperry cake
Octopus and potato salad
Pasta alla Norma
Homemade ravioli with butter and sage
Chocolate cake
Lasagna with Genoese pesto
Eggs with Black Truffle
Gnocchi gorgonzola and walnuts
Roasted chicken with fennels
Raspberry cake
Fresh Aubergine Parmigiana_edited
Lemon chicken
Crostata with homemade jam
Roasted flank steak stuffed with egg and ham
Veal scallopini with mushrooms
Spaghetti with tuna bottarga
Caprese salad
Upside-down pie
Panna cotta with blueberries
Paccheri with Sea food
Spaghetti pachino and ricotta
Orecchiette Barese style
Eggs with smocked salmon and yogurt
Cheese balls with pistachio
Slow cooked pork loin
Spaghetti ragu
Grilled vegetables
cheese with honey and walnuts
Ham and figs
Cheese platter
Chicken Cacciatore (Hunter Style Chicken)

Menù Meat #7 Eur 65,-

Mediterranean salad.jpg
Mediterranean salad with Parma ham, buffalo mozarella and Sicilian dried tomatoes
Pappardelle with wild boar ragu
Pollo gorgonzola e piselli.jpg
Chicken tenders with gorgonzola cream and  peas
Zuppa Inglese.jpg
Zuppa Inglese


Menù #8 Fish Eur 75,-

Mussels and avocado salad
Pasta with shrimps, zucchini and tomatos
wild berries bavaresi.jpg
Salmon fillet with pistachio crumble and rose pepper
Bavarese with wild berries



Menù #9 Fish Eur 75,-

Prawns with orange and brandy sauce
gnocchi feutti mare e pesto.jpg
Fresh Gnocchi with seafood and pesto sauce
Swordfish Sicilian Style, with cherry tomatoes, capers and olives
Lemon tart


Menù #10 Fish Eur 75,-

Parmesan panna cotta with pears and wine sauce
Buffalo mozzarella stuffed tortelli with prawns and lemon zests
Sea bass with green peas cream
*Strawberry and limoncello tiramisu


Vegetarian Menù # 1

Lentils and carrots salad

Pasta "alla Norma"with aubergine, tomato sauce and baked ricotta

Stuffed Peppers Napolitan style with bread herbs and capers

Apple pie

Eur 55,- / Min 4 pcs

Vegetarian Menù # 2

Avocado salad with parmesan and balsamic vinegar

Fusilli pasta with zucchini flowers and saffron 

"Uova al tegamino" eggs with asparagus and truffle sauce

Panna cotta with seasonal berries

Eur 60,- / Min 4 pcs


To book a service, a 30% nonrefundable* deposit must be paid upon menu confirmation

Balance to be paid on the day of cooking service

*100% refund for cancellations due to the COVID emergency